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A Convo With Crissle & Kiyah On An Episode of The Read, Entitled Big Talk!

During the Big Talk episode of The Read podcast, Kiyah Wright spoke to Crissle about the trends and every day hair struggles of quarantine.  It seems everyone is trying to come up with a new idea or trend to maintain their hair at home.  Kiyah spoke on challenges she’s encountering with clients “for people who have to webcam, I have found that my clients are coming to me asking, “what am I going to do with these greys, how can I take care of my hair?” During the interview Kiyah stressed the importance of taking a moment to breath and care for the hair and scalp under the protective styles. While doing this, she also spoke about Head and Shoulders Royal Oils line. This line was specifically created to care for the scalp of  women of color. Kiyah spoke on why she loves Royal oils so much and even uses it in her salon! She explained ” I like it because I can use it as a system…In order to have healthy hair, you have to have a healthy scalp that’s number one… you have to use the system for at-least three weeks so you can really get your hair use to being on a regimen.” She also shares the key ingredients that really go to work in maintaining healthy hair and scalp “I love it because it’s for itchy dry scalp… it has DPT Zinc and it hydrates your hair!”

You can pick up Head and Shoulders Royal Oils at Walmart and your local drugstores.

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