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Girl,You Need Pantene’s Gold Series!

Pantene has created great products that many women use but since 2017 women of African decent have had specific products made just for them! Oh, joy! This is “a breakthrough line designed to provide strength and moisture for women of African Ancestry with relaxed, natural or transitioning hair. This superior care and styling line was co-created with Black scientists, stylists, and dermatologists who understand the unique needs of textured hair. These scientists have studied African Ancestry hair for over ten years and found that:

  • Beyond the distinctive twists, hair also bends in the curves, which ultimately creates challenges in delivering moisture, shine and strength.

  • There is more friction in the hair because of the naturally tight curls, making it even harder to deliver moisture, shine, and strength.

  • Even when relaxed, hair can tend to be fragile and dry due to the chemical modification of the hair structure. As a result, hair can often times feel dry or rough, look dull, and have a high degree of breakage if not moisturized and strengthened against damage.To help solve these challenges and to encourage women to Live Your Texture, each product in the Gold Series collection is powered by protective conditioning and repair agents are formulated to work together to improve moisture, strength, elasticity, smoothness and shine.” What does the line include? So many goodies!

  • Gold Series Sulfate Free Shampoo – Sulfate-free Shampoo to gently cleanse and instantly soften hair for dry and damaged hair. Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Silicone Free. The rich lather in Gold Series Sulfate Free Shampoo gently cleanses with a protective formula infused with Argan Oil to remove buildup without stripping hair’s natural oil.

  • Gold Series Moisture Boost Conditioner –Provides superior moisturization for relaxed and natural hair, leaving it tangle-free. Softens hair to make it feel smoother in the shower and after styling. Contains Premium Quaternary Aminosilicone (PQAS) which help spread and cover damaged hair more efficiently, resulting in noticeable conditioning improvements. The result is hair feels smoother and less greasy when rinsed.

  • Gold Series Split Ends Treatment- Designed to use on wash day, Gold Series’ new Split Ends Treatment tackles split ends for relaxed, curly or transitioning hair to leave it feeling smoother and less greasy when rinsed away.Sulfate, paraben and dye-free formula that includes intense conditioning properties and moisturization to strengthen ends against breakage and protect against future damage after just one use.After washing with Gold Series shampoo & conditioner, dispense the dose into your hand and gently massage into damp ends. Leave on for 5-7 minutes (or longer, if desired) for added softness and rinse thoroughly. Use weekly as a regimen for holistic care of your ends.

  • Gold Series Hydrating Butter-Crème –Leave-in cream that refreshes and infuses moisture to help relaxed hair defend against damage.Provides 72 hours of moisturization and is perfect for straight or curly styles.Creamy Argan oil-infused formula melts into hair, providing moisture, shine, and softness to tame frizz for dry, damaged hair.

  • Gold Series Intense Hydrating Oil – Reduces frizz, add sheen, shine, and smooth fly-aways. Helps prepare hair before use of hot tools. Silicone-enriched serum absorbs into hair to help seal cuticles for a brilliant shine. Hydrating formula instantly absorbs into hair, helps heal fragile strands and provides strength against damage.

  • Gold Series Leave-On Detangling Milk –Lightweight cream provides light conditioning and detangling without weighing hair down or leaving a greasy feel. Smooth into hair to help make combing easy. Contains Silicones in a Creamy form that does not weigh down hair with a film or coating, but smooth into the hair for ultimate detangling.

  • Gold Series Curl Awakening Spray- Reactivate, refresh and revitalize natural curls with the Curl Awakening Spray, which has a blend of nutrients, conditioners and polymers, to provide moisture, shine & softness to curls without making hair sticky or stiff.

  • Gold Series Triple Care Braid Cream –Provide hair with the moisture it needs through the life of your protective style with the triple benefit moisturizing cream, which relieves the stress of the braiding process while prepping and protecting hair at the scalp to keep it healthy, moisturized and with shine while in a protective style.

Check out all the products, especially all the textured girls! Kiyah Wright shows you how to use one of her favorite products below.

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