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It’s Wig Making 101 With InStyle!

COVID-19 has pushed many women outside of their comfort zones. From shaving their heads bald to at home color, the ladies of America are doing it for themselves! For women who want to change up their hairstyle often with little to no damage to their own hair, wigs are a great option. Purchasing a new wig every two weeks may become taxing, so a great alternative would be making a wig at home. Celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright and master hairstylist Tameka Gibson give the 411 and step by tips on wig making to the folks at InStyle.

Before you start your wig, you want to make sure you have the items you need. Starting with a wig stand for stability. You will also need C-shape needles to weave in the tracks, thread, T-pins, U-shape wig clips, wig combs, sewing scissors, a hair comb, hair clips, a mesh net wig cap, bundles of hair, a few hours of spare time, and of course, a mannequin head. Kiyah recommends a canvas mannequin head.

Check out the steps and full article at the link below.


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