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Kiyah’s Curly Makeover Magic Featuring Pantene’s Gold Series

2X Emmy Winning Celebrity Hairstylist Kiyah Wright made over one lucky curly girl. The lucky lady wasn’t sure if she should cut her hair and was a bit nervous about her curls but Kiyah reassured her, she was in good hands. Wright used The Curl Refresher from Pantene’s Gold Series to hydrate and define her curls. She also provided some great tips for every curly girl when it comes to curl retention and an all day fresh bouncy look.

If you decide your natural curls aren’t something you want to rock all of the time, you can always purchase a hair accessory, Muze hair, tight curl, kinky curl, spring curl and even water wave can be a great alternative

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Alexis O
Alexis O
Sep 13, 2021

Great reading yourr post

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