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Kiyah Wright & AJ Crimson Talk Quarantine on Fox Souls Out Loud W/Claudia Jordan!

It’s 2020 and everything is REALLY moving to digital platforms, especially now that social distancing requires six feet between everyone.  In person interviews are impossible. Lucky for us technology is  affording viewers the opportunity to catch up on all the great information social distancing try’s to keep from us. Fox Soul TV is a new platform that distributes great content for and including people of color. Claudia Jordans show,Out Loud,  gives professionals and experts the opportunity to chat about topics we care about! No physical interactions required here! On this past Thursdays episode, Kiyah Wright and AJ Crimson talked to Claudia Jordan about how the “Safer at Home” ordinance has affect their lives and businesses. The ordinance required all non-essential businesses to shut down, without any date or idea of when they could re-open. Of course, that included beauty salons, retail stores and nail shops. The two beauty experts had to give their two cents and share some great advice at the same time.  If you missed the episode you can check it out below!

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