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The Zoe Report: Natural To Relaxed, Transitioning And Words From Kiyah Wright

In past years many women are feeling empowered to wear their natural hair. We see natural red carpet looks and even laws like The Crown Act empower women of color to wear their natural hair proudly in the work place. But now, women are making the decision to wear their hair straight again.  There has been a great deal of research attempting to prove that relaxers cause cancer but all of the research has been in inconclusive. According to the Zoe Report article Why The Natural To Relaxed HairTransition Is So Prevalent Right Now “another study conducted by researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences that found there was no concrete correlation between cancer and the hair treatment”. You would think the freedom of knowing you will not develop cancer will make women more confident in going back to relaxers, but that isn’t the case.  Many women are turning to straight styles simply out of convenience. Natural hair is beautiful but to put it plainly “ain’t nobody got time for that!” The Zoe Report article reveals many quotes from women simply saying “I loved my natural texture, but I stopped having the time to properly care for it”. When it comes to day to task women don’t want to spend tones of time on their natural hair, especially the busy working women of 2020. Celebrity hair stylist Kiyah Wright gave her two cents on the topic “What women desire nowadays is less time,” she says. “In days like these, time is something we’re slave to. Time is everything, and it seems like everyone just has less time. Even I often wonder what’s happening.

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